Jeremy Airey: Co-Founder

Having been in software development since 1990, Jeremy has served various roles and is a man of many hats.  Jeremy is a firm believer that blockchain technology is going to change the world as we know it.

John Price: Co-Founder

John is a seasoned Programmer with expertise in game logic, front-end programming and back end architecture. A Texas A&M Alum, John brings over 20 years experience and leadership to the team.

Mark Phoenix: Co-Founder

With over 25 years of experience in software development and entrepreneurship, Mark is as seasoned as they come.   He leads key components of our engineering team.

Rene Hakiki: Co-Founder

Rene is a long time software development veteran.   Rene Excels in Systems & Analytics and brings his wealth of experience to Merit.

Steve Gazda: Member

A 17 year development and production veteran,  Steve has shipped dozens of projects over the years for various platforms. He is an avid cryptocurrency enthusiast and believes in Crypto and what it means for the world at large.

Will Lebus: Member

Will is a 20+ year veteran starting out in games transitioning to business consulting before returning back.  Having shipped titles both as a Programming Lead and Studio Head Will is familiar with what it takes to get things done in all aspects of software development.

Jaime Bencia: Member

Bringing 17 years of development experience to the table, Jaime specializes in production, design, and client relations.


Chris Sturr: Advisor

Chris is founder and CEO of Digital Alien and has served as Executive Director of Business Development & Corporate Strategy for Sony.    Bullish on the future of cryptocurrency, Chris is excited about the opportunity Merit presents.